About Enerji HIIT Classes

HIIT is our killer barre version of High Intensity Interval Training. You'll do several quick intervals of ballet-inspired plyometric exercises. See rapid changes in your abs, legs, and arms. This class is great for cardio and strengthening and we have two different class lengths to choose from. 


HIIT - 30 Minutes

This is our original Hiit class.  This 30 minute class includes a warm-up, interval training and finishing class with a cool down stretch. 

HIIT Plus - 45 Minutes

This is a 45 minute class that includes a warm-up, interval training, toning exercises and finishing with a cool down and stretch.


Class length 

30 minutes (HIIT)
45 minutes (HIIT Plus)

Bring to class

Athletic/Running Shoes    |    Yoga/Pilates mat    |    Water    |    Towel    

We have complimentary mats and towels for our new clients, but many prefer to bring their own. You'll need a pair of athletic shoes for HIIT.